Wednesday, March 7, 2007

OMG Captain America is DEAD!!!!!!

Well, as CNN reported this morning, Steve Rogers, the once skinny super serum test subject for the army (AKA Capt. America) is dead. He was assassinated on the steps of a federal court house after the Marvel Civil War.

I have not yet read the book, but I am sure it will end up being as trivial and meaningless as Superman's Death in the 90's. Hey, Maybe Marvel can do a book called "Infinity Crisises", where Captain America from New York 2 can break free of the Negative Zone Prison and return Marvel to its normal balance. I am sure he is tired of hanging with Spidey, M.J., and Daily Bugle 2 Aunt May, who is still Galactus' herald, anyway. (Aunt May "forgets" her bathrobe in the morning.)

Anyway, I am sure that when the Cap movie comes out, there will be a revelation in the Marvel U, and all will be erased. Too bad Marvel was not cool enough to kill him in Civil War. I guess they didn't want to overshadow the death of Goliath or Giant Dude or whoever the hell he was.

Anyway, here is the tag from

RIP Steve Rogers 1941-2007

CAPTAIN AMERICA #25 The Story: Leaping from the final pages of Civil War, this is the *only place* readers can find out what happens next in the life of CAPTAIN AMERICA! Trust us, folks, this oversized 25th issue will stun readers and send shockwaves through the entire Marvel Universe for the next year! Rated T+ …$3.99 In Stores: 2007-03-07 - see details

Here is a spoiler link for


mrkvm said...

I really have no place to comment on all this, since I haven't been paying attention. Plus, I want to keep with the mission statement here and not go into whiny fanboy mode. You know, I figure, if I were way into what's going over in the Marvel U., I'd probably be all jazzed up and talking up my theories. Just so happens that I'm not.

However, I did just read an amusing blog entry from a writer over at Wired that I thought I'd pass along. Check it right here.

mrkvm said...

...and, oh man, check the wild discussion in the comments of that blog post I just mentioned. Wow!

jgd3 said...

What I find interesting about all this is that much of the general population isn't buying that Cap is really dead or will actually stay dead. I think perhaps that the "death" of Superman a few years back and the enormous amount of publicity that event grabbed has cured the media of their naivety. Superhero mortality is now met with more than a little cynicism.

So having said that, what happens next could be very different for the Marvel Universe. Their heroes aren't really known for their legacy characters, like the various generations of Flashes or Blue Beetles at DC. I'd love to see someone like Winter Soldier take up the Captain America mantle and have it actually stick.