Tuesday, March 6, 2007

"Justice League Through the Ages" cover for JLA #7

(click the thumbnail for the awesome full-sized version)

Over on his MySpace blog, fanboy done good Brad Meltzer has unveiled the cover for Justice League of America #7 and it's real a beauty. Designed by Eric Wight with artwork by Ed Benes and featuring George Pérez, Luke McDonnell, Kevin Maguire, Howard Porter, Gene Ha and Wight.

Looks like the issue will ship with two covers, one of the left half of the image and the other with the right half.

Totally amazing!

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mrkvm said...


Eric Wight sure is getting a lot of buzz of late and with good reason. I absolutely loved the work he did in the recent Action Comics Annual. I also picked up a copy of My Dead Girlfriend but haven't gotten around to reading it just yet (though my wife read it and enjoyed it).