Monday, March 26, 2007

52 Week 46...perhaps this is also why we read comics?

Our esteemed colleague here, jgd3, was complaining to me a bit about the Full! On! Fight! Explosion! of last week's issue (week 45), but I didn't really have any problem with it. I thought it was appropriately intense and opened up another can worms in the overall story.

Anyway, there's more Black Adam smashing stuff in week 46, but what a genuinely fun read it is (and totally different from the grim destruction we saw last week). There's just nothing like the ridiculous awesomeness of the Oolong Island mad scientist enclave. I'm still convinced that this is all Grant Morrison, but I could, of course, be wrong.

Enough of me blabbing, though. Here's some downright zany (yes, I said zany!) quotes from the issue for our good readers to enjoy...

See? Super-flamable liquid plastic plus thermo-breath!

All you're doing is making him mad. And when he gets mad he makes you dead.

Time for Baron Bug to save us all! Oh God, Oh God----Where are my insectrons??
And, finally, the quote du jour:
I'll say it if no one else will...Feel free to cackle hysterically, Gentlemen!
How's that for some fine mad scientist...well, madness?!?

Loved it as always!


jgd3 said...

What a great issue! This book has set the bar so high, that you notice when it's anything less than spectacular (and that hasn't happened very often). Glad to see it back to awesomeness after taking a slight dip the last couple of weeks.

I was totally entertained by the mad scientists' Revenge of the Nerds attack on Black Adam. Fantastic trick on T.O. Morrow's part to open a tesseract in Adam's head (how very Morrison).

I can't wait to see what Sivana has in store...

mrkvm said...

Plus, I'm still wondering where Mr. Mind has got to.

jgd3 said...

Dude, Mr. Mind is so sitting in Skeets' miniature cockpit right now. ;)