Friday, March 23, 2007

Architecture & Morality

So, yeah, I've completely stopped reading the Spectre part of Tales Of The Unexpected. I've just kind of lost interest. However, how about those amazing Dr. 13 backup stories?!? This is some of the most fun comics I've read in quite some time. Who knew the master of 100 Bullets, Brian Azzarello, had such a gloriously twisted sense of humor. And Cliff Chiang might just be my new favorite artist (Anyone know what his next project is? Do tell!). I'm thrilled to hear they'll be collecting this. It deserves its own trade for sure.

Now, good readers, spoilers ahoy for issue 6...

The mystery of the Architects is revealed! Who are these mysterious fellows? Why it's a giant walking Mount Rushmore with, once their disguise is uncovered, the heads of (as far as I can tell) Grant Morrison, Geoff Johns, Mark Waid, and Greg Rucka. Actually, I'm a little unsure about the Geoff Johns part, but I'm almost positive about the others. And if Messrs. Morrison, Waid, and Rucka are there, the logical choice for the fourth head is Mr. Johns. The Architects are defeated in a most amusing away, but I'm sure they could be back. Or perhaps behind it all is the Didiosaur or the here next month to find out!

PS: Red Skies!

PPS: 11:52


jgd3 said...

Yeah seriously! How good is this backup? I love that The Architects are none other than the 52 brain trust! The Waid, Rucka and Morrison heads bickering about their own dialog was priceless. Can't wait to see what happens next in every installment of this one!

FWIW, I'm strongly in favor of Crispus Allen as the new Spectre host, but this storyline by David Lapham is nothing compared to the great three issues we got from Will Pfeifer and Cliff Chiang just after IC ended.

mrkvm said...

I wish I had been able to find a scan of the panel featuring the little super-hero kid saying "Wow, What's that supposed to mean?" in response the Morrison head spouting off. Brilliant!

Also, I really want an action figure or t-shirt or something of that kid.

jgd3 said...

Also, I really want an action figure or t-shirt or something of that kid.

Unfortunately never going to happen.