Thursday, March 29, 2007

Milligan's Infinity, Inc.

Just a quick note to mention Peter Milligan's upcoming Infinity, Inc. title for DC. There's a nice little write-up from CBR here that's definitely got me interested. I quite enjoyed the Steel/Natasha/Lex/Everyman storyline in 52, so it's nice to hear that he'll be working with some of that back story. Plus, Milligan is one of those writers who gets me interested just by being involved.

Lastly, I found the blog of the artist, Max Fiumara, who looks to have a really great style.

I'll be looking forward to seeing some previews from this in the upcoming months.

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jgd3 said...

I was a HUGE fan of Milligan's X-Statix. And Shade. And Skreemer. And Strange Days. And even his short run following Grant Morrison on Animal Man (I think he may be the only writer other than Morrison that understands Buddy Baker).

I very much like the idea of Steel being involved as a leader/mentor for the group, and there's plenty opportunity for character drama with him sharing the role with his daughter.

Milligan saying he hopes to bring a little bit of Vertigo sensibility to the book just guarantees I'll be buying it.

Fiumara's stuff looks great! I didn't realize he was the artist on Blackgas (not my thing, but Warren Ellis has a great eye for artists). He could really help set this new Infinity Inc. apart.