Friday, June 29, 2007

Superman WAS Supernova; and why Conner Kent died

As I was shopping for some oldies yesterday, I ran across a 52 puzzle piece. For some time, my self and the other FBCers thought that perhaps Superman was Supernova during 52. While it turned out that Booster Gold was in fact the mysterious hero, Kal-el had in fact been Supernova, way back in 1968...

Behold Worlds Finest #178, from 1968.

Superman losses his powers, and becomes a "normal" superhero in this issue. Sound familiar? I guess Geoff Johns and company know a thing or two about continuity.

Another funny tidbit I picked up was on a local radio show in Aspen. They were talking about the Death's of Comic Heroes, when one of the hosts mentioned that Superboy had been killed off because of an estate dispute of one of the creators of Superman: Jerry Siegel.

Wikipedia has a section on this controversy, which is interesting. I hadn't heard this side of the story yet. So, sorry all of you Conner fans, blame the Siegel family for the disappearance of your Superboy.

GREEN LANTERN: SINESTRO CORPS it good?? If you think AMAZING is good!


WOW, just when I thought things had plateaued with DC, this graces me with it's omnipotence. This book is so good for a one shot, that I can't even sleep.

The Skinny:
Sinestro is forming his own corps to purge the universe of evil and set things straight. Wait till you read what he says to transform.

Something is happening at the sciencells. Guy Gardner has a hilarious moment.

John Stewart makes a GL sniper rifle-nuff said.


The art is incredible, the writing is superb. If you don't read this comic, don't ever talk to me again, because you are a philistine, and have no idea what you are missing.


Friday, June 22, 2007

COUNTDOWN.....giant hands will kill you.

I know that many, many DCU geeks are scratching their heads right now, trying to wrap their minds around COUNTDOWN.

As far as this series is concerned, it's fun to read.. but that is all I can say about it, for the moment.

It is cool having the Monitors as the "Guardians" of the multi-verse. Thus far, they remind me of the "Agents" in THE MATRIX, with a conscience. Bad monitor, who I have named "Terminator", has begun to "Erase" the anomalies in the multiverse. Cool idea, but I need to see where it is going.

, and all of the other multi-verse gateways are an interesting concept, although I wish I would have read more "New Gods", so I could understand that aspect of the BLEED'S relevance.

The concept of characters jumping between universes that coexist on different vibrational frequencies is a little too Quantum Leap, but it opens up some doors for the Flash, and the Rouges.

Just getting to see some characters that we don't hear from alot is cool. Who doesn't love


I think DC is trying too hard to "fix" continuity. There is a point where leaving well enough alone is sound advice, and DC is getting mighty close. They really just need to answer the questions the last couple of years have raised, and then move on.


Jimmy Olsen has crazy powers, Black Adam has his powers back, the Rouges, The Monitors, it is too much. I think the problem is that it is way too hard to keep tabs on everything week to week.

Basically, I like this series, simply because it is interesting. I like the bounty hunter that appears in issue 46. I think forerunner can play out to be something cool. My biggest concern is that DC will leave the series with more questions to be answered, thus starting a trend of crappy weekly books. If they can answer the questions we have had since Identity Crisis and move on, I think all will work out. Besides, there are way too many good books out from
DC currently for them to blow them all on COUNTDOWN.


Via LOLBOTS. O rly? Ya rly.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Batman: Icon or Big Dork?

“Whenever I read a Batman comic book, (the writers) always make a point of saying he dresses like a giant bat,” Van Sciver says. “He is clearly a man with pointy little ears on his head, and he wears bed sheets.”
from an Scripps Howard featurette on artist Ethan Van Sciver (via the Blog@Newsarama)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Absolutely did not see this coming... Mark Waid returns to The Flash!

So, Mark Waid is returning The Flash?

And they're killing the current series and picking up with the old numbering?

And Daniel Acuna will be drawing it?


I for one totally did not see that one coming! Read all about it here!

Although I think things have improved since Guggenheim took over the book, this is probably a smart move on DC's part. This should get one of their flagship titles completely back on track with a writer generally beloved by fans of the character.

I've actually never read Waid's original run, but I was a huge fan of what Geoff Johns did on the book. I may have to pick up the Waid trades now.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Planetary nearly done!

This little note from our friend Warren Ellis deserves a little comment here at FBC. Planetary is at least partially responsible for getting me interested in comics again after a long break. It's also one of the best series you will ever read. I mean, like, Watchmen good. Seriously. While it will be a while before this issue sees the light of day and even longer before we see a final collection, it's great to know that this is finally nearing completion

From the Bad Signal:

Almost ten years to the month that John Cassaday and I had our
first conversation at San Diego about creating a new series: I have
just completed and delivered the full script for PLANETARY #27,
the final issue of the series.

I am now going to get drunk and find something to have sex
with. I'm home alone, so the chinchilla has a right to look nervous.

Done. Never ask me anything about it again. DONE.