Monday, June 11, 2007

Planetary nearly done!

This little note from our friend Warren Ellis deserves a little comment here at FBC. Planetary is at least partially responsible for getting me interested in comics again after a long break. It's also one of the best series you will ever read. I mean, like, Watchmen good. Seriously. While it will be a while before this issue sees the light of day and even longer before we see a final collection, it's great to know that this is finally nearing completion

From the Bad Signal:

Almost ten years to the month that John Cassaday and I had our
first conversation at San Diego about creating a new series: I have
just completed and delivered the full script for PLANETARY #27,
the final issue of the series.

I am now going to get drunk and find something to have sex
with. I'm home alone, so the chinchilla has a right to look nervous.

Done. Never ask me anything about it again. DONE.

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