Friday, June 29, 2007

Superman WAS Supernova; and why Conner Kent died

As I was shopping for some oldies yesterday, I ran across a 52 puzzle piece. For some time, my self and the other FBCers thought that perhaps Superman was Supernova during 52. While it turned out that Booster Gold was in fact the mysterious hero, Kal-el had in fact been Supernova, way back in 1968...

Behold Worlds Finest #178, from 1968.

Superman losses his powers, and becomes a "normal" superhero in this issue. Sound familiar? I guess Geoff Johns and company know a thing or two about continuity.

Another funny tidbit I picked up was on a local radio show in Aspen. They were talking about the Death's of Comic Heroes, when one of the hosts mentioned that Superboy had been killed off because of an estate dispute of one of the creators of Superman: Jerry Siegel.

Wikipedia has a section on this controversy, which is interesting. I hadn't heard this side of the story yet. So, sorry all of you Conner fans, blame the Siegel family for the disappearance of your Superboy.

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Anonymous said...

Supernova is as interesting as Superman.It is unfortuanate that
this Supermannic alter-ego was not
activated till 52 episodes.Like a real galactical supernova.Seldom given attention.Great story,great character despite numerous loop holes in the narrative,leaving a lot unsaid.