Saturday, April 7, 2007

Wonder Woman #6: Gold or Garbage?

The new issue of Wonder Woman was a cool step in the right direction. Diana is at a point in her superhero career where a secret identity is needed. How to go about maintaining said identity is the theme for this latest run. Plus, she is ordered to do everything in her power to apprehend Wonder Woman. How do you catch yourself? Overall, I had fun with the issue, and I have high hopes for this run. We shall see if the new scribe, Jodi Picoult is the real deal or not. The interiors are not as consistent as I would like, but overall, a good book. So what do you think? Gold, or garbage?


jgd3 said...

Well, the whole scheduling cluster aside, I thought that Picoult's first issue was just as terrific as Heinberg's stint (which will be completed...someday).

While it's hard to put my finger on, I feel like she's managed to make Diana sound more like a real woman and less like a superguy with boobs.

Very excited about this run, and perhaps even more excited to find out who's taking the helm for the next one!

mrkvm said...

My jury is actually still out on Picoult's run so far, though I'm feeling a little better now that I've read her second issue.

By now we all know that Gail Simone will be taking over on this book later this year. Hard to imagine that will be bad!