Friday, April 20, 2007

FBC Worldwide Non-Exclusive: Warren Ellis talks "Doktor Sleepless"!

Warren Ellis, writer extraordinaire, has finally broken his silence on his top secret new project from Avatar Press, Doktor Sleepless! In a worldwide non-exclusive, Mr. Ellis answers three questions about it for FBC (and anyone else with a thing for comics and a website to prove it).

Following is the totally unedited transcript of our top secret correspondence:

Fanboy Corps: How did the idea of DOKTOR SLEEPLESS come to you?

Warren Ellis: The day I reanimated Abe Vigoda. Check his website. He's still going. I became a Mad Scientist on that day. See all those two-headed animals being born now? You think those are flukes?

FBC: What do you want readers to know about DOKTOR SLEEPLESS?

WE: DOKTOR SLEEPLESS knows which way the wind is blowing. DOKTOR SLEEPLESS feels real weird and has stars in his beard. Except he doesn't have a beard. DOKTOR SLEEPLESS is the smoke that banishes sleep in the night. DOKTOR SLEEPLESS has never raped a schoolgirl with his tentacles. DOKTOR SLEEPLESS does not go to the toilet.

FBC: Will DOKTOR SLEEPLESS eat our souls?

WE: DOKTOR SLEEPLESS hates empty calories. DOKTOR SLEEPLESS likes MAO inhibitors. DOKTOR SLEEPLESS drinks blood and milk in the Masai manner. DOKTOR SLEEPLESS invalidates all manufacturer's guarantees.

There you have it faithful readers: there is a God, and his name is Doktor Sleepless! More on this breaking story as it develops...

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