Thursday, April 19, 2007

FBC Wants To Know: Simonson's Orion?

So, I was reading this article all about Walt Simonson's Orion series for DC from the early 2000's, and, you know, it sounds really fun. As a general fan of all things New Gods-related and with the obvious importance of these characters in upcoming DC universe happenings, I got to wondering if I should track some of this run down. I see there's a collection of the early issues, but I'd have to scour the virtual back issue bins on the internet to get the rest.

So, good readers, FBC wants to know...what are your thoughts on this series? Post your thoughts and opinions to the comments section.


jgd3 said...

Sounds like a great series! This came and went during a time I wasn't really reading comics, but I've always heard it was the best New Gods work outside of Kirby's own. Doubtful that there will ever be any further collections from this run, but it sounds like it would be worth it to track down those back issues just to read the whole run.

Mikey said...

I would love to check out some New Gods stuff, but the runs are hard to find uncollected. I may just have to wait and read the new runs and stories when they come out.

Anonymous said...

I've read the Orion series by Simonson and I consider it an all-time classic, at the level of his Thor, and Miller's Daredevil run. During its publication, Warren Ellis was raving about the series but sluggish sales killed the series. DC, thankfully, let the axe drop much later than they normally would because the of the great response it received from the critics and, I believe, the professional community.

This and Kirby's New Gods work I'd consider canon, and from what I've read in the Evanier, Ross series, less so. The Byrne series I'm on the fence about, but haven't completed that one, either, yet.