Friday, April 6, 2007

Gail Simone to leave Birds of Prey


Friend of mine just tipped me to this. Apparently it showed up in the DC Nation column for this week's books, but I won't get those until Monday. Newsarama has an interview here, though.

Simone has consistently impressed on this book. Any time I thought about maybe not reading it any longer, she's done something to bring me back and get me excited. Sorry to see her go. We'll have to see how her replacement, Sean McKeever, does on the book. I always hear great stuff about him, but I've never actually read any of his work.

Moving on, in the interview mentioned above, Gail says this:

But the truth of this matter is, I was simply offered a project I couldn't turn down. A dream book with a dream art team, and a real chance to reshape comics’ history. DC's always been great to me, but this is just...insane. It's unbelievably exciting.

And I want to pour everything I've got into it. I had to let something go, and for reasons that I think will make more sense as things are revealed, it meant letting go of some beloved bird friends of mine.
Let the speculation begin! I can't imagine what's she's talking about. A monthly like JLA or Wonder Woman? Or a big miniseries event? Maybe it's what's Countdown is Counting Down to?

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jgd3 said...

I the spirit of wild, unsupported speculation:

Maybe it is JLA. Needless to say she'd be great at the character bits. One thing she's not proven at (yet) is blockbuster event storylines, and that's probably the safest M.O. for that book.

Interestingly, Simone's gone on record about a million times saying that she'd kill to do Capt. Marvel, and that it's her "dream project".

And then there's how much she loves Black Canary. Word is out that Ollie is going to propose, and that Green Arrow is going to become Green Arrow/Black Canary. Does writing Ollie & Dinah as a married couple constitute reshaping comics history?

Last but not least, who would you pick to write 52's new Batwoman in her own series? I sure as hell would vote for Simone if it were up to me...

So, hmmmm.