Monday, May 14, 2007

Countdown 51 Quick Thoughts

Sadly my real job has kept me from contributing much here of late, but I wanted to post a lightning round of my quick impressions from Countdown #51, which I literally just read.

  1. This is NOT 52. No, it's a totally different beast, and that's likely for the best. Get over it folks.
  2. Man, I'm a sucker for all the cosmic mojo.
  3. Credit Geoff Johns' fantastic run on The Flash for actual making the Rogues readable despite their inherent goofiness. Paul Dini is a good choice for doing something decent with the rogues, which leads me to...
  4. You know, this comic is FUN. Dini is one of those people that can walk the line between goofy, mad fun and deep story (yeah, of course Darkseid has a cosmic chess set!). Let's hope the other writers follow his lead.
  5. The sequence with Red Hood and Duela Dent reads a little weird considering that Jason Todd has basically been a ruthless killer since he reappeared. Now he's worried about saving innocent lives? But still pulls his gun and shoots Duela out of the air? Unless of course....DUM DUM DUM....this is all happening on another earth! Okay, maybe that's t0o easy/goofy/stupid/whatever.

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