Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We have the ability to indulge in great geekiness...

Welcome to the Fanboy Corps.

I'm creating this blog without my future team members' knowledge, but I'm betting they'll accept their missions. Afterall, all of us have the ability to indulge in great geekiness.

And, frankly, they don't have much of a choice!

Anyway, here's how I'm hoping this will work:

I'd like the Fanboy Corps to be a place where we can just spout about the comics we love, freeform style, and generate some fun discussion among the corps itself and any potential readers we might get (ha, we'll see!). It really might not be that different from some of the email and chat discussions we already have. We'll just be doing it in public.

What I'd like NOT to do is go into fanboy gripe mode. I'm sure we'll occasionally post some complaints about stuff that irks us, but there's enough of that going on on various forums, blogs, etc., already. So, let's focus on the stuff we think is fun and exciting.

I guess I should mention that the corps is made up of major DC Comics geeks, so that will dominate the disucssion here. Although all of us have forays into Marvel and the indies as well.

One final note about the corps: all of us currently get our comics a little later than the rest of the internet, so we'll always be a few days behind.

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