Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The FBC Question: Millar & Hitch's Next Big Thing?

(Hey Kids! I just invented a regular Fanboy Corps feature: The FBC Question!)

Over at Newsarama, they've cornered Mark Millar to discuss damn near everything you ever wanted to know about what went on behind the scenes of Civil War. That's all cool enough, but among the "what next?" questions, this tease really caught my interest:

MM: I'm writing issue six of the big series Hitchy and I take over late summer and details of this will be available one week after Ultimates 13 ships. He's already making good progress on it and I'm having a great time. After Civil War, it feels incredibly easy and just kind of fun.
NRAMA: What else can you tell readers?
MM: An established title. Household name. One of these characters was created in the sixties and another in the forties. Three sexy girls. The opening line in the first issue is “Once Upon A Time”. The villain in the third and fourth issues has been known as Cap. Bruce Banner has some involvement in this series. Likewise, two of Marvel's most popular and famous villains. Hitchy prefers it to Ultimates. Oh, and we're out in September.

Okay, that's a lot of hints to work with but I still can't put it together with only my stale Marvel U knowledge alone. Anybody want to take a guess?

All I know is that Mark Millar and Brian Hitch, separately but in particular together, have made some of the best comics in my lifetime. I just want to know the name of this comic of theirs that I'll be buying!


mrkvm said...

Hm, yeah, tough one. I'm not even prepared to guess what it is.

So, if it's mainstream Marvel U, you're still buying, eh? I'm sure I'll get the trade, but monthly...I don't know! It'll be hard to resist, though.

Ultimates 2 #13...wow, it feels like an eternity since I ordered that. And, hey, I didn't even read issue #12, since I just knew it would leave me all excited for the next one that I wouldn't see for a long while. In the end, I don't care how long it took, that's been a spectacular book.

jgd3 said...

The fact that the Ultimates has been a consistently spectacular book is exactly why I'm onboard for whatever else these two guys have up their sleeves!